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General Information


Teeth Care

A routine check-up appointment at our clinic, apart from providing a thorough cleaning, is also an opportunity to identify potential problems before they happen and help prevent damage to your teeth, keeping them strong for a lifetime.


Less is more. Don't floss, brush teeth, or scrape tongue too roughly. Over-brushing or rough flossing can cause gums to recede.


Don't use a brush with firm bristles, as this will scratch away at the protective layer that coats your teeth.


Don't swallow mouthwash or toothpaste. After brushing, spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.


Some toothpaste is not recommended to be used daily if they are too strong–check the label of your toothpaste for details.


Avoid biting objects/nails. It might cause tiny fissures and/or cracks in your teeth.


Don't cut strands with your teeth because it will conduct eventually to extreme sensitivity.


Never brush your teeth right after a big meal. Wait about a half Otherwise, You could damage your enamel


Don't chew gum constantly. It will lead to articular problems and tooth cavities.


Don't wear mouth piercings. It produce micro-fractures in your teeth that might break your dental pieces.


Don't take drugs not prescribed by a dentist. Some drugs work causing friction with your gums which conducts to gum irritation and inflammation.


Avoid using toothpicks. They lead to gum disease.